Make it rain!


So I have purchased the equipment and waiting for it to go through and be delivered. The list includes UAD Apollo, Antelope Satori, Focusrite and a list of software. Can’t wait to get it fitted!!!

I realise I haven’t posted in a while but I have been swamped with PGCE research, specifically Professionalism as an FE tutor (interesting check it out).

Until next time.


Quick…and I mean quick


Ain’t got too much time to post as I am doing a lesson plan as I speak. Quick update, still progressing the capital bid (these things take time), PGCE has started which means assignment and observation time once again so I am in the process of looking at how I am going to schedule my time.

Good news is that it looks like I am going to be involved in quite a bit of recording in the next upcoming weeks and I am in the process of finding a new artist for my recording workshops.


Vacation’s over!


Been a while since I posted but it’s been busy. The students are back and it’s all hands on deck leading up to Christmas. I am still in the process of getting equipment ordered and installed (these things take time). I have been given the task of teaching learners Pro Tools this year so I am looking forward to planning some classes around that (scheme of work completed and all).

New year also means organising new recording workshops which I will need to start organising.

Busy, busy, busy!

See ya!

Pa rum pum pum pum


At the moment its all go in getting resources ready for the next academic year, I just spent all day putting new heads on drums…I’m not a drummer so hopefully I did it right.

I also had the capital bid confirmed for the studios; it is going to be difficult kitting all 5 of them but it should be manageable. Now that you don’t need Avid’s hardware to run Pro Tools any more we are going to go down the route of UAD in regards to audio interfaces, I am specifically excited about applying plugins to audio before it hits your DAW…half the mix is done when you have recorded 🙂

In other news I am off home to Northern Ireland for a couple of days this week as I am best man 🙂

Catch you on the flip

Ya, ya, ya!!!


Been a while since I posted on here as I have been on holidays and generally taking a break. The recordings as part of the last student workshop have now been mixed & mastered by myself in preparation for the music video (including a cover of Lorde’s Tennis Court… explains the title of the post ok!), hopefully I will start getting student mixes next academic year.

Check them out and see you in a couple of weeks!


Good news, the recording workshop was a success despite some technical and timing issues (not sure how many broken XLR cables we went through!). I have yet to prep the audio stems, share them, and mix the session myself so that’s one of my plans for the upcoming weeks.

Other than that I had a week off and I am taking another two weeks off after Summer School this week which involves giving enrolled students who start in September and introduction to Music Technology.

It’s gonna be quiet for a few weeks but ain’t nothing wrong with a little break 🙂

On next weeks show…


Unfortunately the recording workshop didn’t take place due to availability of band members, however it has been rescheduled for this coming Sunday instead. This week I am mainly prepping for the session, deciding what mics to be used, where they will be positioned, and how the studio will be laid out so 1) We get a good recording with decent separation and 2) Looks good on camera.

This means researching and generally nerding out on 🙂